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"Child CPR"


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does NOT work on Children!

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Most parents may not think to ask if their child's teacher knows CPR.
We just assume that all teachers know CPR. There must be a law or something and if not, why wouldn't they learn it, they're around children all day. It just seems common sense that all teachers would know CPR. But not all of them do.

The care your child receives in the first 120 seconds of collapse determines whether it will be a happy outcome or a sad one. Every second counts and here's why...



Child CPR
When your child collapses from Respiratory Arrest (breathing problem) due to choking, allergic reaction, asthma, etc. the first 2 minutes or 120 seconds are critical. The rescuer must yell for help while doing CPR (30 Compressions & 2 Breaths).
There is NO time to go for help, to go find someone, or to make a call.
The first 120 seconds of CPR are critical for the child’s survival.

* If your child’s teacher does not do immediate CPR your child will go into Cardiac Arrest, Clinical Death.
If your child survives, Brain Damage is likely.

* If the teacher does immediate CPR your child may revive on the spot!
CPR (Compressions and Breaths) sends Oxygen to the heart and brain.

CPR keeps Respiratory Arrest from becoming Cardiac Arrest.

•Respiratory Arrest - (Child: 1 to 12 years old) Your child’s heart is beating & moving blood but there’s NO Oxygen in that blood. CPR puts Oxygen in the blood. If CPR is not started immediately the lack of Oxygen to the heart muscle will lead to Cardiac Arrest (clinical death) and the lack of Oxygen to the brain leads to Brain Damage.

First 2 minutes (120 seconds) are critical to put Oxygen in the blood and deliver that blood to the heart and brain preventing Cardiac Arrest & Brain Damage.

Immediate CPR for first 120 seconds of arrest = possible Recovery w/in 2 minutes!!!
Delayed CPR during first 120 seconds of arrest = Cardiac Arrest, Brain Damage & Death

•Cardiac Arrest-(Adult: 12 years and older)(Child doesn’t revive w/in 2 min of CPR)
The heart stops pumping blood to the brain effectively (Brain Damage & Clinical Death)
Your child is Clinically Dead. The child’s heart is not moving blood with O2 to their brain.
Children do not recover well from Cardiac Arrest.
If your child survives, Brain Damage is likely!

Cardiac Arrest Statistics
Each minute down = a loss of 10% chance of survival (2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR & ECC p.S706)
5% chance of survival if victim gets only current AHA 2010 guidelines CPR
5% chance of survival if victim gets only AED
30-40% chance of survival w/ Old pre-2004 AHA guidelines for CPR & AED (1996 AHA poster)
70-80% chance of survival w/ New 2010 CPR & AED administered w/in 2 min or 120 sec.
(2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR & ECC p.S710)

Learn the current American Heart Association (AHA) 2010 guidelines for CPR & AED


This site was created to be used as a resource to educate the public about CPR for children, the laws in your state regarding teacher's CPR requirements, and to help you make CPR mandatory for the teachers in the state where you live.

After reviewing the info on this site you'll see there's no good reason your state shouldn't have laws mandating CPR training for teachers.

This is not a for profit endeavor. I created this site because I'm a father who just happens to be a licensed Oregon EMT and CPR instructor in the EMT department at Clackamas Community College. I see this cause as one of the few ways we can truly have a 100% positive impact on the outcome of a crisis. Join me as an advocate for the children who will some day need immediate CPR.