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Contact the House Education Committee
HB 2809

You can read and track HB 2809 on the Oregon State Legislature site

Send positive, encouraging emails to each member of the Education Committee, and cc: Rep Julie Parrish, Julie's assistant, and me. Encourage them to endorse HB 2809.
Feel free to use parts or all of the following paragraph.

This bill fixes the major problem with Oregon's grade school emergency procedures for CPR by making CPR certification a requirement for Grade School: teachers, full time employees, and lunch room staff. This bill will shift the current guidelines in grade school from an Adult CPR model to a Child CPR model. Children need immediate CPR the moment they collapse to the floor. This bill will ensure children get appropriate care. The bill only costs between $360,000 and $420,000 every 2 years to get Child CPR into all Grade Schools in Oregon.

Chief Sponsor of HB 2809
Send Endorsement letters to Rep Parrish, cc: her assistant and me.

Rep Julie Parrish (Tualatin/West Linn-Republican)
phone: 503-986-1437
email assistant:
email me:


House Education Committee Contact info:

Chair, Rep Margaret Doherty (Tigard-Democrat)
phone: 503-986-1435


Vice Chair, Rep Sherrie Sprenger (Scio-Republican)
phone: 503-986-1417


Vice Chair, Rep Lew Frederick (Portland-Democrat)
phone: 503-986-1443


Rep Greg Barreto (Cove-Republican)
phone: 503-986-1458


Rep Jodi Hack (Salem-Republican)
phone: 503-986-1419


Rep Susan McLain (Hillsboro-Democrat)
phone: 503-986-1429


Rep Carla Piluso (Gresham-Democrat)
phone: 503-986-1450


Rep Jeff Reardon (Happy Valley-Democrat)
phone: 503-986-1448


Rep Carl Wilson (Grants Pass-Republican)
phone: 503-986-1403


All State Representative's Contact info:


All State Senator's Contact info:

What you do right now can make a difference.

If you spend 20 minutes telling all your friends to start making phone calls today you could save a child's life.

If you forward one email right now you could save a child's life.

Tell all your friends. Make a contest out of who can contact the most State Reps in a day. You'll have fun and know that some day it will save a child.