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"Child CPR"


Hands-Only CPR
does NOT work on Children!

Good Samaritan Law

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Sorry, these don't happen often...

12 year old dies in school but is saved by the teachers because
they know CPR, sort of. They are wrong about AEDs when they say they could kill someone with an AED. You CAN'T hurt anyone with an AED. The heart must be beating in one of the bad cardiac arrest rythums for the AED to shock the patient. Matt Lauer even tries to scare people about AEDs and children by giving false info but you need to know that it is impossible to accidently shock someone who doesn't need the shock.
Use the AED on Everyone!
The AED will tell you if they need the shock or not.


Rex Putnam HS freshman collapses, Trainer and AED saves his life