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"Child CPR"


Hands-Only CPR
does NOT work on Children!

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We need your help obtaining information about your state:

1. State Statutes regarting teacher's requirements for CPR training.
2. State requirements for filing referendums.
3. People & Orginizations in your state willing to help or offer support.


If you'd like to add your state's laws please email us with the information and proper citation as shown with the Oregon listing on the Your State's Laws page.

Requirements for submitting information:

1. Have citations for credible sources where can be referened, i.e. state statutes, etc.
2. Provide links so everyone has access to check sources.
3. Wikipedia is not a credible source in itself. The info may be accurate but provide original sources that you have confirmed.
4. News agencies are NOT credible sources of information. Find their source.
5. Check & Double-Check your sources before submitting info. We'll check the source and post info if credible.

The infomation is out there and it ALL supports this cause. There is no need for fabrication or over the top explainations. We need all the supported facts you can find.

Thanks for your help. I can't do it all on my own. It will take your help.