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Strictly according to the information presented in these news reports, it seems the official AHA guidelines were not followed.

CPR guidelines have remained essentially the same since 2005:

A Child (1-12 years old) that's unresponsive must get immediate CPR and use of the AED.
A child in Respiratory Arrest will likely revive if CPR is started immediately upon arrest.
After two minutes or 5 cycles (about as much time as it takes for a second rescuer to retrieve the AED), the child goes into Cardiac Arrest and needs the AED.

An Adult (12 and older) or Child that's been down more than 2 minutes needs immediate AED.
CPR should be started until the AED arrives and then continued immediately after the shock is administered.
The AED must be used as soon as possible.

If these guidelines are followed there is a +70% chance for survival.
If CPR is not started immediately the child will go into Cardiac Arrest, clinical death.
If CPR was started but the AED was not used there is only a 5% chance of survival.
These are the AHA guidelines and statistics that have been in place since 2005.

These are a few of the more high profile Oregon deaths that have been reported in the news.

Charley Engelfried, 17 died February 3, 2011

Austin Sergeev, 11 died October 13, 2008

Eddie Barnett, 16 died February 23, 2005


The following is a great site