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State Laws

Below are the state laws we currently have confirmation on.
If you'd like to add your state's laws please email us with the information and proper citation as shown with the Oregon listing.

Oregon public schools are not required to have any staff CPR certified.

The statutory requirements for CPR and First Aid certifications in public schools are established by ORS 342.664. That statute directs the State Board of Education to establish by rule the ratio of the number of pupils to the number of staff members who hold a current, recognized CPR and First Aid certification. The State Board of Education established that number with the adoption of OAR 581-022-0705

OAR 581-022-0705 (4) provides:
“(4) Each school shall have, at a minimum, at least one staff member with a current first aid card for every 60 students enrolled, or an emergency response team per building consisting of no less than six persons who hold current first aid/CPR cards and who are trained annually in the district and building emergency plans.”

Interpretation: No requirement to have any staff CPR certified. 1 staff member must be First Aid certified for every 60 students or have a response team of six that are both CPR & First Aid trained. That "or" means no CPR training required.